HJC Helmets founded in 1971, has a proud history of supplying high quality motorcycle helmets to both the public and racers around the world.

As we celebrate HJC’s 47th Anniversary, HJC is proud to announce its continued partnership with Dorna as the fi rst helmet company in the world to Title sponsor a MotoGP event.

HJC has enjoyed great success as the title sponsor of the 2016 HJC Helmets GP Ceské republiky and the 2017 HJC Helmets GP de France, and this coming year HJC will return to

Le Mans for the 2018 HJC Helmets Grand Prix de France. HJC is pleased to be a Title Sponsor of MotoGP events annually as it allows the company to give back to our industry and to

support the sport of motorcycle racing that we so dearly love.

Over the years, HJC has been known for the quality of its products. This has been the focus and mission of every individual at HJC. As a result, the outcome has been rather impressive.

As the industry and motorcycle riders around the world know, the RPHA 10 was one of the best performing helmets in its class. Therefore, it was rather challenging for the engineers at HJC to make RPHA 11 even better. Incredibly, HJC achieved just this. The RPHA 11 has received superior feedback with its industry leading compact shell shape and super light-weight surpasses all of its competitors. Several additional safety and comfort features were added. Currently, among others, German rider Jonas Folger wears the RPHA 11 in the MotoGP championship.

In 2017 HJC released the RPHA 70, an ultra-lightweight Sport Touring helmet that stood out among competitors. RPHA 70 was defi nitely the helmet of the year in 2017. To continue the momentum HJC has built with the successful launch of various RPHA series’ models, we are extremely proud to present an all new high performance modular helmet, the RPHA 90, for 2018.

The modular RPHA 90 is equipped with a number of new features including, but not limited to, smallest, lightweight shell construction, ultimate aerodynamic design, increased advanced ventilation, improved safety features, and a state of the art sun-visor mechanism. The RPHA 90 replaces the preceding RPHA MAX evo modular helmet. With the successful introduction of the RPHA 11 Helmet with its P.I.M. technology in 2016 and the RPHA 70 in 2017, HJC continues to push the advancement of technology.

It only made sense to use the feedback from the original RPHA modular helmet, combined with the improved features of the newest RPHA models to create the RPHA 90.

Delivering high quality products, such as the RPHA 11, RPHA 70 and RPHA 90, is a key pillar to HJC Helmets’ global success as the leader in its industry around the world. For 2018, we also reveal a special line up of new licensed designs from Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar. New Marvel graphics include the RPHA 70 Iron Man and the CS-15 Spider- Man: Homecoming. Following the popular FG-70s X-Wing Fighter Pilot, an FG-70s Poe Dameron helmet will add to the current Star Wars helmet line-up. Lightning-fast, sporty graphics are achieved in the new Pixar line with the RPHA 11 Lightning McQueen Disney Pixar and Jackson Storm Disney Pixar helmets.

With the addition of the All New RPHA 90 and various graphic designs, it is clear that HJC will continue to be the brand of choice for motorcyclists around Europe and the World. We will continue to offer innovative, safe, and quality helmets. This is a reputation that we have earned through our hard work during the past 47 years.

There is no other HJC !

Trust in HJC and enjoy your ride !